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More than 30 dive points from Benidorm to Javea

We go scuba diving from Benidorm to Jávea. More than 30 scuba dive  points, so you can always enjoy scuba diving with us for all levels:

  • La Llosa 1 - For advanced divers (up to 40 m deep)

  • La Llosa 2 - For advanced divers (up to 45 m deep)

  • Cueva del Elefante  - Up to 15 m deep

  • La Mediana (Altea) - For advanced divers (up to 32 m deep)

  • Pared del Mascarat - For advanced divers (up to 37 m deep)

  • El Oso - For advanced divers (up to 25 m deep)

  • Peñón Norte - For advanced divers (up to 35 m deep)

  • Peñón Sur - For advanced divers (up to 32 m deep)

  • Arcos de Calpe - Up to 12 m deep

  • Pecio Antonio - For advanced divers (up to 27 m deep)

  • Los Cubos - For all levels (scuba diving point from 15 to 25 m deep, we dive deeper according to the group)

  • Cap d'Or - La Punta - For advanced divers (up to 25 m deep)

  • Cova de les Rates - Up to 15 m deep

  • Pessebret - Up to 17 m deep

  • Cueva 1202 - Up to 15 m deep

  • Arcos de Moraira - Up to 16 m deep

  • La Cuquerolla - Up to 12 m deep

  • El Moraig - Up to 10 m deep

  • Los Testos - Up to 16 m deep

  • La Branca - Up to 17 m deep

  • El Descubrido Norte - For advanced divers (up to 27 m deep)

  • El Descubrido Sur - Up to 18 m deep

  • La Cova del Llop Marí - Up to 6 m deep

We also organize year-round diving events to enjoy with us, our friends and followers than every year grows. Join our community and participate:

Scuba Dive and find the Treasure


In collaboration with the Moraira Yacht Club every August we organize a special dive to find the treasures that are hidden in 'La Cova de les Rates' diving point, followed by awards and a fantastic lunch.

Fiesta Halloween 2018.jpg
​Halloween scuba party and pumpkin championship


Any excuse helps us get together, dive and have fun. So Halloween is no less. Come to the party we share with our friends and divers. Do not miss the dive, costumes and pumpkin championship.

Underwater Christmas tree

Under the sea, we also plant and decorate the Christmas tree. Take your Christmas spirit, bring the ornaments you want to hang on the tree and share this unique winter dive with us. Laughs and fun are guaranteed.


And these are just a few examples, we also organize FotoSub courses, diving trips and more. Write us an e-mail to or call us +34 646 674 766 and we will inform you.

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